Teams (Crisis and Media)

Crisis Team

Application form for the Crisis Team:


Your role is to prepare and create crisis scenarios that will be announced at a specific moment during the conference for delegates to solve. You will also need to improvise and make new crisis as the conference proceed. Being on the crisis team is super fun! It is a great opportunity to exercise your creativity and to stir up some drama during the conference.

This position requires

  • Collaboration skills (with the Media Team)
  • Knowledge of sexual health and global health issues
  • Basic understanding of geopolitics

Media Team

Application form for the Media Team:

As an editor, you will be assigned to a journalist delegate and news organization, and your role is to edit and package their stories as they are produced during the conference. You will be on the front line of crisis stories as they develop, finding headlines, B-roll and supporting material. You will also put together segments of materials relevant to the conference’s theme that delegates watch before their conference session. What you produce will sway delegates’ minds and maybe even change their positions. It’s quick turnaround and a lot of fun!

This position requires

  • Strong editing skills under tight deadlines with Adobe Premiere
  • Knowledge of your news organization’s style (these will be assigned later) and the dynamics of the news media
  • Knowledge of Sexual health and global health issues, basic understanding of geopolitics