Country/Pharmaceutical Company/NGO/Corporation Representatives and Academic Experts

Delegates may assume the role of a Country/Pharmaceutical Company/NGO/Corporation Representative or Academic Expert to represent the Country/Pharmaceutical Company/NGO/Corporation/Expert’s interests or positions at the regional blocks and global plenaries. These representatives and experts will debate, write, and vote on resolutions by practicing diplomacy and having an active voice in policy debates. They will exercise negotiation tactics and gain a greater appreciation of the impact of international politics on global healthcare. Each representative and expert will have his or her own challenges and goals but with the ‘one Country/Pharmaceutical Company/NGO/Corporation/Expert, one Vote’ procedure anything is possible.

What can I do as a Country/Pharmaceutical Company/NGO/Corporation Representative or Academic Expert?

  1. Debate on specific global health issues related to the theme of the conference.
  2. Send notes to other Representatives and Experts from the same crisis committee to learn their positions on certain issues, try to make alliances and discuss tactics during unmoderated caucuses.
  3. Start writing a Resolution paper with other Representatives and Experts from the same crisis committee that share common policies.
  4. Get your Resolution paper adopted!