Research Tips

Thorough research will help you debate and speak on your country’s policies. It is recommended that you put together a research binder. A research binder is where you compile all of your relevant research, on the WHO, the theme, and your country/NGO/pharmaceutical company/news agency.

Best Delegate has good examples and tips for compiling thorough research binders.

If you are representing a country, you may find the CIA Factbook is a useful source for basic information about your country.

The World Health Organization has also compiled basic health profiles for member countries that may be helpful.

When conducting your research:

Although the topic of debate is on sexual health, it is important that you have a firm understanding of the fundamental information describing the overall condition of your country. Research beyond the realm of sexual health not only provides a comprehensive understanding of your country’s domestic and foreign policies, but also helps in visualizing the interwoven connections between refugee health and social, political, cultural, or economic factors that greatly influence the efficiency of health policies. Take note of some of these points mentioned below:

  • Physical geography
    • General topography
    • Coastlines
    • Climate
    • Neighbouring countries
    • Natural resources available
  • Population and Society
    • Ethnic groups
    • Languages spoken
    • Religious divisions
    • Age structure and population growth
      • Life expectancy
      • Mortality and birth rates
    • Education
  • Government and Politics
    • Current government in power
    • Head of State
    • Major political parties
  • Economy
    • GDP (overall, per capita, real growth rate)
    • Labour force, unemployment rates
    • Major exports/imports
    • Major trading partners
  • Health Care
    • Health expenditures
    • HIV/AIDS prevalence
    • Major infectious diseases
    • Levels of malnutrition