Representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) will embody the interests of the global community in the simulation by garnering funds and building partnerships with all participants. NGO representatives will learn to be persuasive with limited resources while raising awareness and support for their causes. True to reality, NGOs will face challenges in administration and operation but also have great influence on public opinion with moral obligation on their side.

What can I do as a NGO Representative?

  1. Go between regional blocks to discuss with potential WHO Ambassador partners to ensure resolutions meet the goals of your NGO.
  2. You have two stamps of approval to give out: you can give them to any block (group of countries writing a resolution) you want.
  3. Negotiate with countries to insert policies benefitting your organization in their draft resolution and/or remove policies you feel are against what your NGO is fighting for; you can leverage your ability to give stamps of approval to get what you want.