Journalists will shape delegates’ global awareness during the simulation by reporting on events as they unfold. They will dig into global health issues to report overt and covert happenings with whatever angle they choose: to carry out a personal agenda, to voice support for a particular position, to stimulate or discourage interests from other countries or organizations, and most importantly to sway public opinion. Journalists will learn and employ modern media techniques while encouraging all delegates to critically evaluate news sources.

What can I do as a Journalist?

  1. Move between crisis committees to gain a better understanding of what is taking place in the various regions of the world.
  2. Live-tweet everything relevant that is happening during the conference so that the Country/Pharmaceutical Company/NGO/Corporation Representatives can access this information as well.
  3. Interview other delegates to see their stance about different global health issues and policies, recent developments in crisis committees, and resolution papers.
  4. Work with the media staff to film and report on what is happening in the different committees.
  5. Express your creativity!