Should you have any questions, please contact Ayesha and Kariane, your 2017 Chargée d’Affaires, at charge@monwho.org.

Fees & Registration

When will registration for the MonWHO conference open?

Registration for delegates is now open! Register early to take advantage of the early-bird discount!

Does the conference have any fees?

The prices for delegate registration are $60 (groups and classes), $60 (early-bird, Jan 10-31), $65 (Feb 1-15) and $70 (Feb 16-Mar 1).

General Inquiries

How does the conference work?

In past years:

Country delegates are divided into 4 regional blocks for the first half of the conference, where they have the chance to debate with their colleagues, form alliances, and create draft resolutions. The 4 regional blocks are: Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific-EMRO.

NGO delegates, Pharmaceutical delegates and Journalists are allowed to participate in all of the different regional blocks, and are encouraged to form alliances with countries to help further their ideas of what elements should be included in the Charter. All delegates come together for the final portion of the conference in order to combine the different resolutions they have drafted in the goal of creating binding resolutions on a global scale.

In the 2018 Special Edition:

Country delegates, Pharmaceutical delegates, NGO delegates and corporation delegates will be divided in the 9 different crisis committees.

Journalists will be free to move between the crisis committees to see what is happening, film the action and interview delegates.

Who can attend MonWHO?

Any student from any faculty with any major from any university can attend the MonWHO conference. Many of our delegates are students in health-related programs such as Medicine, Public Health, Medical Anthropology, Medical Sociology and Biology. Since global health policy-making is an interdisciplinary and cooperative effort, at MonWHO, we welcome students from a variety of academic backgrounds.

Do I need to know debating rules or to have taken part in a model UN conference before in order to participate in this conference?

No. MonWHO accepts all delegates who have an interest in global health, regardless of prior debating experience. Debating training videos are posted on the MonWHO Youtube Channel. Delegates will be offered a brief in-person training session at the beginning of the conference.

An excellent opportunity to learn how the conference runs without committing to a delegate role is by volunteering as a page. This position does NOT require MonWHO or MUN experiences.


What do I need to do to prepare for this year’s conference?

Delegates are expected to research their country/pharmaceutical company/NGO/corporation/media source’s relevant health policies on their crisis committee’s theme. Delegates will be required to submit a one-page position paper that briefly outlines the position of their assigned roles on the topic of their committee.

As the conference date approaches, we will make available to you, through our website, several documents that will help you prepare for the conference. These documents will include a background guide that will provide you with information regarding this year’s theme, a document describing what to expect at a MonWHO conference, and our rules of procedure document (which is complemented by short training videos), meant to orient you to the language and procedures of debate and resolutions writing. In addition, we host training sessions for delegates before committee sessions begin.