Delegate Roles

Take this short quiz for help in making your delegate role choice!

At MonWHO, participants can assume the role of a country’s ambassador to the WHO, a non-governmental organization representative, a pharmaceutical representative or a journalist. Use the drop-down menu or click each role to learn more!

No matter what role you choose, all MonWHO participants can be sure to:

  1. Apply and develop critical thinking, problem solving, advocacy, and consensus building skills.
  2. Practice resolution writing.
  3. Share ideas and learn from likeminded individuals.
  4. Gain a better understanding of how the WHO operates and what forces shape WHO policy.
  5. Utilize rules of order and proceedings typical of deliberative assemblies adopted by international health authorities among many worldwide organizations.
  6. Apply their knowledge of global health in a realistic setting to develop a better understanding of how ideas, reality, and international affairs come together to produce definitive doctrine in global health.