Writing Position Papers- A Guide

Examples of past position papers:

country delegate1

country delegate2


pharmaceutical representative

  1. Begin with a brief statement that summarizes your country’s overall standpoint/attitude toward your crisis committee’s topic.
  2. Provide a summary of the history and context of the topic in your country and a description of your country’s socio-political identity, including details such as:
    • Notable events (famines, communicable outbreak, widespread infection, etc.)
    • Both political and cultural factors unique to your country that complicate possible solutions such as:
      • Conflicts across international borders or civil unrest
      • Political or economic allies
      • Clashes between the use of modern Western medicine and cultural traditions
    • The nature of your country’s domestic and foreign policy – consider if health care is a major priority for your country
  1. Describe the present situation/state of the committee topic in your country, including details such as
    •  Information on recent statistics and studies on the topic as as well as areas where there is a possibility for changes in the delivery of proper health care.
    • Level of dependence on foreign aid by state and private actors
    • Governmental transparency and accountability
    • Presence of moderators, such as watchdog NGOs, the WHO or UN.
    • The state of the national health care system and the development of health infrastructure
  1. Explain past initiatives taken by your country to tackle the issue, including any legislations, resolutions, treaties, amendments, etc. that have been successfully passed.
  2. Propose possible solutions and steps your country is willing to take in order to eradicate issues, and how these steps will foster long-term international cooperation.

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NOTE: **For NGOs & Pharmaceutical Representatives**, please consider the following:

NGOs: Visit your NGO’s website often and stay updated on their current missions. Also, your position paper should summarize your history, goals, past & current areas of involvement, and the countries you’re allied with.

Pharmaceuticals: Be sure to know which global health aid and research projects your pharmaceutical company is currently involved in. Your position paper should include a brief history of your company, goals & objectives, current & past involvement in global health matters, and the countries & organizations you’re collaborating with.